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Let's Create The Ideal Kelowna Kitchen

If you're considering a kitchen overhaul, both its function and design play an essential role in your end results. The most important part of renovating your kitchen is the design; which makes a strong impact on the enjoyment and we're proud to offer in house.

3 Important Things to Ask From Your Kitchen Contractor:


Storage is one of the most critical yet hectic things for any homeowner to plan in their kitchen. If we're talking about a kitchen renovation, it's important to take your lifestyle into consideration. What do you use every day? What would you like to function better? What currently works? Asking these questions will help you and your team design a kitchen space with the proper storage and organization made just for you. Planning out where you'd like your dish sets, pots and pans, glassware, silverware, food storage, and appliances will make a difference in the enjoyment you have in your completed project.

Apart from that, you also have to think about other kitchen products used on the rare occasion. All of them must need a proper spot to keep the clutter down. Therefore, you have to note down the inventory you will require in the kitchen. Based on that, you can plan how much storage or space you will need for the kitchen.

Later, you can let the Roseborough Homes Team take on the challenge. They will come up with the right strategy to fulfill all your desires and needs regarding storage.


Appliances are a vital part of the kitchen. Therefore, it’s crucial to think about them while creating a plan for your new kitchen design. It would be better to space the appliances inorder to make everything more comfortable going forward.

A full dishwasher, a compact oven, and a functional fridge will help you to divide the workload and can easily change the way you entertain. Discuss how you use the appliances with your designers to best decide how your appliances will occupy the space based on your needs and demands.

If you have kids or snakers, placing the fridge where it's accessible while the cook is working will help save some headaches, as will keeping the sink and dishwasher within proximity of each other.


Countertops are another big choice when designing your new kitchen. Deciding on the countertop material you must combine your style desires along with your cooking preferences. For most chefs, a nonporous surface is a plus point as you'll have less cleaning and less staining to deal with.

Because the kitchen area tends to prepare meat and dairy food in the same space, therefore, the chances of cracks can let your kitchen to contaminate. Nonporous countertops are the lifesavers that help with the cooking process. Who would actually want to spend any extra time cleaning?

You can discuss your needs with our local designers in person. We know all about the materials that are good for countertops, and that work well with your personal taste.

While Quartz is most popular and wood materials provide warmth and texture, but there are many other options such as stainless steel, marble, and granite.

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