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Our Process

Roseborough Homes provides a full hands on approach for all our clients.

We work with you during the pre-construction stage to ensure all questions are answered before the project truly begins. We offer solutions for projects of varying scope, budget, schedule, and complexity. We work hard to ensure all clients feel valued.

We have the ability to design and build any aspect of your home: interior to exterior!

Thanks to our extensive network of vendors and sub-contractors, we work hard to ensure construction is easy for our clients.

Our strong work ethic, attention to detail, and let's do it attitude makes the building process a fun experience for the entire team.


This is our chance to understand your needs and get a feel for what we can realistically make happen within your budget. This is when we work with you to offer a timeline, define our scope of work, and build a plan around your budget.

During the planning phase we will:

1.Come by your site if applicable, or go through your current drawings. If you don't have drawings, we will take measurements and discuss the scope of work. With our on-staff architectural designer and civil technologist we can offer you complete set of architectural plans.

2.After going through your plans we will go through your expectations for the project.

3. Back in the office we will work through your plans and espectations to come up with a quote on the project and come to an agreement to proceed. Quotes are typically available one week after our initial meeting.

4. Once the plans are set in stone the fun part starts. We will schedule all trades needed and work with you on ordering the materials that will be required to complete the project.

5. Using our material timelines, we can give you a timeline projection for completion.


After all of the plans are in place, it's time to get started! Roseborough Homes will take care of your permitting, and move forward with any demolition required to start. We will arrange the removal of all demolition materials and ensure that this phase is safe and up to code.

Roseborough Homes is proud to offer our own excavation services.

The Construction phase is easy and straight forward for Roseborough Homes clients. This is where you have the opportunity to take a step back and allow us to manage the completion of this project for you. We work hard to keep your project within the set timeline, and are fast to keep you in the loop should any concerns arise. Should something unplanned for come up we are quick to contact our clients in order to find the best solution.


After the completion of any Roseborough Homes project, it's time for complete a walk-through. At this time, we will go over any information or questions you may have. We'll go over our original scope of work and ensure that everything has been completed to your standard.

After this, it's your turn to make it yours! Enjoy a glass of wine on us and relax knowing every detail has been taken care of by your team at Roseborough Homes.

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